What is Brew City Hops?

Brew City Hops is an organization of Milwaukee swing dancers. Our goal is to spread the joy of swing dancing, and help our local dancers improve. Brew City Hops teaches a variety of dances from the Swing Era such as Lindy Hop, 20’s and 30’s Charleston, and Blues. We also put on a number of other dances and workshops throughout the year, as well as try to support other dance groups and bands in the Milwaukee area.

Who is Brew City Hops?

Brew City Hops is You! We strive to create a community that is welcoming to all, new and old dancers alike. Brew City Hops is currently administered by our teaching staff of Victoria Bahe, Elise Russell, Trevor Williams, Henry Boeh, and Kirsten Boeh.

Just what is it exactly that you teach?

We are currently on sabbatical, but Brew City Hops classes are focused on a different theme each month. Each class can be taken as a stand alone lesson, but coming to all the classes in a month will help you gain a more complete view of that month’s theme. We try to tailor each class to the participants, so a newer dancer is just as welcome as a more experienced one. Throughout the year we cover topics such as: basic Lindy Hop, musicality, 20’s Charleston, solo dancing, single & double shag, tandem & side-by-side Charleston, spins & turns, and tricks & footwork.

Do I have to bring a partner?

 Nope! No partner necessary. We rotate regularly during our classes, so you will get the chance to dance with everyone in the room. But, by all means, bring your friends, the more the merrier!

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