Learn to Dance

Brew City Hops is a Milwaukee Swing Dancing Community

Brew City Hops teaches a variety of dances from the Swing Era such as Lindy Hop, 20’s and 30’s Charleston, as well as Blues. We also put on a number of other dances and workshops throughout the year, as well as support other dance groups and bands in the Milwaukee area.

Interested in private lessons? Swing lessons at your wedding or other event? Talk to one of our instructors, or send us an email!

About the Instructors:
Victoria Bahe: Tory Bahe can’t seem to sit still, especially when there is jazz or blues music playing.  A part of Brew City Hops at its beginnings in 2005, she teaches with BCH on Monday nights, DJ's on occasion, and dances to live music every chance she gets. She has Lindy Hopped her way from coast to coast and around the world (most recently in Stockholm and Moscow!) and firmly believes that dancers are some of the friendliest, most creative folks around. Tory’s not just a dancer, teacher and DJ; she’s also a biker, hiker, birder, reader and compulsive tea drinker. 

Henry Boeh: Henry has been dancing for 7 and a half years, and has been teaching lessons of some sort for about 6 years. In addition to dancing, he has recently begun getting his feet wet with DJing swing and blues dances. He is currently working towards his PhD in clinical psychology at Marquette, and has another year to go. After getting his degree, he hopes to work as a therapist. Henry also enjoys playing and listening to all types of music, photography, crafts, cooking, brewing beer, and lots of other fun stuff!

 Kirsten Boeh: Kirsten discovered swing dancing in 2005 when her brother dragged her out dancing in the Twin Cities, MN -and she hasn't stopped since. In college, Kirsten was active in running the Gustavus Swing Dance Club. Now that she's landed in Milwaukee, Kirsten is excited to be teaching with Brew City Hops, and heads up BCH's PR. When she's not dancing, you can usually find Kirsten knitting or using her biology degree to play in the woods looking for wildflowers. 

Elise Russell: Elise Russell, 25, started dancing because her mother forced her into ballroom dance lessons as an awkward teenager.  After a summer of smugly showing off her basic East Coast steps in her hometown scene, she sauntered off to college at University of Rochester and promptly got her mind blown by the wide world of lindy hop. Since then, she has been devouring as much swing, lindy hop, charleston, balboa, blues, and solo jazz as she could find, first through the University of Rochester Swing Club and Rochester's local Groovejuice Swing organization, and then by traveling to many wonderful dance events nearby.  Elise moved to the lovely city of Milwaukee in 2012 and has since had the privilege of dancing and teaching at a variety of locations, including the Down & Over, the Riverside High School Ballroom Dance Club, the MSOE Swing Club, Milwaukee Recreation, and Brew City Hops Monday Night classes. Aside from dancing, Elise has pursued singing, tall ship sailing, and a great deal of traveling.  She has a Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Music, and is currently taking classes with a eye toward Computer Engineering. She has lived on four different continents and three different boats, and still remembers how to hold a conversation in Danish.  She can also tie twice as many knots as your average Boy Scout.

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