Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Summary

It has been an amazing summer. I had so much fun teaching with Adam at Brew City Hops, and it was so great to see how much everyone worked and improved these past few months!  I also had a wonderful time writing these weekly blog posts.  I hope you all enjoyed this summer as much as I did!


For posterity, and for the curious, here are all of our class warm-up choreographies.  We didn't manage a class video of the last warm-up, but I recorded myself demonstrating it in case you would like to practice it at home.

June Solo Jazz Warm-Up

Slow Song: Four or Five Times, by the Chiaroscuro All Stars (featuring Joe Williams)
Fast Song: South, by Joe Salzano and the Blue Devils

Choreography starts right on the first beat:

Walk forward, walk back (x2) - (skip this when dancing to fast song)
Shouts x2, jump shouts, mess around (x2)
Tacky annie x2, badoom badoom tacky annie, hallelujah rocks (x2)

Boogie forward, boogie back (x2)
Charleston x2, hop-hop charleston, scarecrow (x2)
Lollies x2, kick-step forward, boogie down (x2)

Shorty george, apple jacks (x2)
Jazz sqare x2, jazz square with slip slop, fishtails (x2)
Fall off the log x2, fall off the log with twisty heels, running on a log (x2)

End with a lock-turn!

June Solo Jazz Warm-Up, Slow

June Solo Jazz Warm-Up, Fast

July Solo Charleston Warm-Up

Fast Song: I Like Pie, I Like Cake, by Gordon Webster (Live in Rochester, feat. Steven Mitchell)
Faster Song: Twenty-Four Robbers, by Gordon Webster

Choreography starts in on the first verse:

Hitchhiker's x3, knee-slaps (x2)
20's charleston x3, charleston turn (x2)
20's charleston with swoops x3, charleston turn (x2)
20's charleston with running on a log variation x3, charleston turn (x2)

Crossovers x3, double kicks (x2)
30's charleston x3, lock turn (x2)
Flying charleston x3, lock turn (x2)
Flying charleston with swoops x3, lock turn (x2)

July Solo Charleston Warm-Up, Fast

August Slow Solo Warm-Up

Slow Song: Sermonette, by Gordon Webster
Slower Song: Sweet Lorraine, by the Bechet-Spainer Quartet

Choreography starts in on the first verse:

Mambo step x3, paddle turn (x2)
Camel walk, shoe shine (x4)

Mooches x3, pimp walk (x2)
Kitchen dance, wax the floor (x4)

Low downs, hip scoots, low downs, slides (x2)
Monkey leaps, pivot around (x4)

August Slow Solo Warm-Up, Fast - Demo

It has been lovely, everyone!  I'll see you out and about this fall!

- Elise

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