Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brew City Hops March Classes

This March, let’s focus our dancing on body awareness. By incorporating choreography from the California routine, solo movement and essential moves for lindy-hop, Henry and Kirsten will help you work on weight-position, body alignment, and floorcraft.

New to dancing or have a friend who wants to learn? Been dancing for a while and looking for some new challenges? Not to worry, March's classes will have material for all levels!

Our Monday night classes will be held at 7:00pm at Summerfield Methodist Church
Pricing: $8 ($5 students) per class, or $24 for the whole month

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Basic Charleston classes at the Down & Over

Want to learn to Charleston?  Ready to rock out the the Extra Crispy Brass Band's March 14th gig and looking for a few new moves?  Looking for a way to get yourself moving during this chilly part of the year?

Tory and Shawn are teaching a 4-week basic Charleston class series the next four Thursdays from 8-9 pm at the Down & Over Pub: 2535 S KK in Bay View.  We will be downstairs.  After you enter the front door of the D&O, go up the short set of stairs, take a left and head downstairs towards the music!

Each class will focus on a different style of Charleston; you can drop in at one class or join us for all four to master as much as you can!  All classes will incorporate solo and partnered movement, but no partner is necessary!  We will rotate so everyone gets a chance to dance with multiple partners.

Our tentative plan:
2/21  --  Side-by-side Charleston
2/28  --  20's Charleston
3/7    --  Hand-to-hand Charleston
3/14  --  Tying it together

There's a Facebook event for the Charleston class if you'd like to "join" or "share;" there's no registration necessary you can just drop in!

Wondering what Charleston looks like?  Brew City Hops put together a video this fall that includes side-by-side (:36, 2:15), 20's (on the picnic table at 2:06), hand-to-hand (2:37), and solo Charleston throughout.  Wondering what it feels like?  Join us for class the next 4 Thursdays and have fun dancing!