Monday, October 15, 2012

5th Monday: Swing, Soul, Shirts & 'Storming

We've got big plans for October's 5th Monday with Brew City Hops!  October 29 will be a half-priced ($4) class full of funky movement and fun times.

Swing & Soul

This Swing and Soul line dance choreographed by Peter Strom is a ton of fun.  We'll learn the steps, get the choreo in our muscle memory, and think through how to add it all to your partnered dancing.  We'll also work on personal accents to make this dance your own--check out Julie Brown's version below. 

We're planning for the S&S portion of the evening to take the first hour and a half of class, leaving the last half an hour for the final two pieces: Shirts and 'Storming. 


You know your size and your style much better than we do.  We've got the equipment for you to lay out and print your own Brew City Hops gear: bring a t-shirt with you to class that night and head home with some wearable art.  You can print on anything cloth; if you're not feeling all about the BCH tee, you might want to jazz up your cloth shopping bag or skirt or sweat rag or.... 

 See more photos from our last screen printing event here.


In September, we choreographed a routine for the first half of "She's Always Right, I'm Never Wrong" from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's new album.  Check out the video below, and get pumped up for round 2 of Charleston in November.  Henry and I have got some great hand-to-hand and tandem Charleston movement that we'd like to work on, but we'd like to get your input on this video project before we start our month of classes. 

Here's the story: BBVD upped the ante.  They originally asked for videos of swing dancing to be posted to their website without much info of what they'd do with the submitted, now they've turned it into a contest with prize money.  We'd like to do some brainstorming with you about your thoughts on this new development, and together we might be able to put together something really great!

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