Thursday, August 23, 2012

International Lindy Hop Championships: Home Viewers' Guide

The International Lindy Hop Championships--ILHC--are this weekend.  Short of flying to DC and being there in person, you can watch live on Yehoodi or play catchup on YouTube all year.  Here are some potential highlights to watch live, with the video of last year's winners to whet your appetite. 

Friday 8/24
10:05 -- Lindy Hop Classic Pro
2011 winners:  Skye and Frida

1 am -- Solo Finals
2011 winners -- 1st: Oliver Chort (He's wearing a dark suit & and awesome hat), 2nd: Jo Hoffberg (Black dress with gold ziggy zaggys) 3rd: Sharon Davis (Blonde with a big red hair flower)

Saturday, 8/25
10:05 -- Showcase
2011 winners:  Max Pitruzella and Annie Trudeau

Sunday, 8/26
4pm--Junior Division 
 (AKA Holy crap these kids are cute!)
2011 winners: Kevin Tucker and Hannah Abel 

5:30 -- Invitational Jack and Jill
2011 winners: Todd Yannacone & Frida Segerdahl

By the way, all but one of videos above were shot by Dave "The Wave" Soltysik, a former Milwaukeean.  Find more of his videos on his blog or follow RetroRhythmz and FloridaDave1 on YouTube.

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