Thursday, August 23, 2012

International Lindy Hop Championships: Home Viewers' Guide

The International Lindy Hop Championships--ILHC--are this weekend.  Short of flying to DC and being there in person, you can watch live on Yehoodi or play catchup on YouTube all year.  Here are some potential highlights to watch live, with the video of last year's winners to whet your appetite. 

Friday 8/24
10:05 -- Lindy Hop Classic Pro
2011 winners:  Skye and Frida

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

September Swings: Beginning Lindy Hop Classes

Brew City Hops is proud to present our second Beginning Lindy Hop series this September as part our our September Swings fall kick off!

Justin and Becky will be teaching the 3 class series on Mondays in September (except Labor Day!).  This class is geared to those who want to get into Lindy Hop or step up from east coast basic swing, or even for those who would like to review/tune up their basics.  If you're a current lindy hopper on the scene and have been wanting to get friends or family interested, this is the class for them!

Register for all three class at just $18!  Registration is easy: just email us at and let us know you're signing up.  Payment will be due at the first class, Sept. 10th.  Cash or check is accepted.

Beginning Lindy Hop w/Justin and Becky
Mondays in September (10th, 17th, and 24th)

3 Classes:  $18

7PM - 9PM

Summerfield United Methodist Church
728 E Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, WI

For more information or questions/concerns leave a comment below or email us at:

***Normal Monday night classes will continue as usual with Tory and Henry***

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Classes with Justin and Becky

Creativity and the Social Dance Floor

Have you ever felt yourself doing a series swing-outs without end?  Ever feel like inside turn, outside turn, texas tommy is getting a little stale for you?  This month we're gonna focus on getting creative and learning to trust ourselves more on the social dance floor.  We'll work through fun exercises that unleash your inner creative beasts and get your body...your WHOLE body...moving.  Learning about musicality will be key.  To keep things simple, we'll focus on 10 or fewer songs for the whole month to see just how our dance changes as we create.  Looking forward to seeing you in class!