Sunday, July 29, 2012

Free Dance Lessons @ Summer Sizzle: Milwaukee Dances Outdoors volume 3

Brew City Hops will be teaching two FREE lessons at the Historic Third Ward's Summer Sizzle Jazz Festival on Saturday, August 4.  Both lessons will take place at the Milwaukee Public Market Stage, on the 300 block of North Broadway towards the north end of the festivities. 

See the jam-packed Summer Sizzle lineup for more info on who's playing at each of the 4 stages during the day; join us before these two bands get yourself ready to move and to meet other folks who are in the mood to dance.
From our last Lindy bomb @ the Market

1:00--Basic Charleston lesson
      1:30--Bourbon Street Stompers

8:00--Basic East Coast Swing lesson
      8:30--Swing Nouveau

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Milwakee Dances Outdoors volume 2: Washington Park

Michael and Tory dancing at the Emil Blatz Temple of Music, circa August 2011. 
Thanks to Sabrina Price and Justin Raibolt for the photo!

I moved to Milwaukee several years ago in late August.  During my first year here, people would ask how I was liking the city thus far; no matter what I'd answer, they always seemed to assure me "You'll LOVE Milwaukee in the summer."  I thought it was a little weird to hear this same statement from so many people...I mean, isn't it the same city all year round??  

 When summer finally rolled around, I understood what they meant.  I finally enjoyed glass of wine at the Joe Table--before it even had a name--at Jazz in the Park, Chilled on the Hill, and canoed to River Rhythms with the Urban Ecology Center Urban Adventures crew.  (And swam in Lake Michigan, ate a ton of custard and enjoyed many of the other finer points of MKE, but that has little to do with dancing....)  Fast forward several years, and I still love picnicking and dancing with friends all over Milwaukee, and there's a lot I'm looking to forward to over the next few weeks. 

The "At the Shell" concert series in Washington Park has a great lineup this year, and I'm planning to camp out there the next two weeks.  Here's the top 5 reasons you should too:

1. The South End Blues Band is playing 6:00-8:30 on July 25th.  Their singer Julie has been to several BCH classes and is a great swing dancer, so hopefully she'll have a few songs away from the band to dance!

2. The Mood Swing Orchestra is playing 6:00-8:30 on August 1st.  I haven't heard this band before but it comes recommended.  Check out some of the tracks on their website and then check them out live on the 1st. 

3.  You can use all the fun stuff you learn at this Monday night's class: "It's too damned hot to touch each other: partner movement in open"  7-9, Summerfield Methodist, Tory and Henry's last class till after Labor Day.  We're concentrating on swingout variations in open, solo movement incorporated into partner dancing, and generally not dying while still dancing in the crazy heat.  (Don't forget, no class on July 30th....tailgate with us at the Brewer's game instead!

Remember When...'Music Under the Stars' was young?
Photo courtesy of the Milwaukee Public Library

4.  "Music Under the Stars" concerts in the late 30's and 40's were THE place to be; they're still the place to be as far as I'm concerned, but there's more room for picnicking these days.  (Also, the parking situation is much better than JitP.)

5. The bandshell is actually called the Emil Blatz Temple of Music.   Emil Blatz Temple of Music!  I can't think of a better name for a Milwaukee summer music venue.  (I'm pretty sure you can drink beverages other than Blatz, if that's an issue.)

---Tory for Brew City Hops

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Milwaukee Dances Outdoors: Bastille Days

The East Town Association's Bastille Days in and around Cathedral Square Park is one of the best free festivals in Milwaukee--where else can you find a great music lineup, beignets, and a waiter/ess race all in one place?  This year's music selections won't disappoint. 

Thursday, July 12
Davina & the Vagabonds
7:15 - Cathedral Square Stage
You may remember these fun and talented performers from last fall's exchange.  We're looking forward to hearing them again, and you should plan to check them out too!

Shaker and the Egg
9:30 - Beaux Arts Stage
I had never heard of "Green Bay's first original swing/funk band" before seeing them in the Bastille Days lineup, but their tagline sold me.  :)

Friday, July 13
Chris Hanson Band
7:15 - Beaux Arts Stage
Milwaukee's very own Chris Hanson Band (featuring swing songbird Rae Cassidy) are always lovely.  This is one of your last chances to hear Rae before she leaves us for NYC!  Check out the true and kind words ThirdCoast Digest had to say about Rae. 

Saturday, July 14
 King Comets
7:15 - Beaux Arts Stage
This jump swing quartet is a favorite of local dancers.  You can hear and download a few of their tracks at their website before coming out to dance to them live on Saturday.

Extra Crispy Brass Band
10:00 - Beaux Arts Stage
They know us, they love us; we know them, we love them.  Stick around till the end of the night and dance to some authentic NOLA 2nd line tunes

Next week Thursday, July 19th
Also, Tory is DJing at the Down and Over the Thursday following Bastille Days.  She's been away for almost a month, experienced some amazing dancing with Swedes and Muscovites, and is feeling refreshed, inspired and excited to spin for you all!