Friday, June 1, 2012

Swing-outs, Swivels, Circles and S’more!

June class will be all about Swing-outs, Swivels, Circles and s’more!  Swing-outs are our basic steps, but when done just right and at just the right time, can be some of the most powerful dancing to be had on the social dance floor.  Swivels come in all sizes, shapes, and speeds and can be made to fit any song you find yourselves dancing to.  Lindy Circles can seem a bit plain at first sight, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find there is so much more to be done in that elliptical path.

Becky and Justin will be teaching variations in foot work and rhythm as well as helping you find styles that work for you and your swing-outs, swivels, and circles.


Also in June we’ll be having a special Beginning Lindy Hop Series being taught by Henry and Kirsten Boeh in an upstairs classroom.  This is a perfect class for those of you may only know east coast basics or are just beginning to add Lindy Hop to your repertoire.   For those more experienced dancers, this is the perfect time to bring in those friends you’ve been bragging to about your mad skills and get them hooked on this thing we call Swing.

Just $24 for the entire Month of June (4 two hour classes)!

Check it out here:


Check out our Summer Music and Outdoor dancing blog post:

We’ll be hitting a number of venues this summer and making the most of our opportunities to dance outdoors! 

Keep an eye out for upcoming Lindybombs as well!


Check out scenes from our last dance, Mayday! @ Bucketworks:


And now for your viewing pleasure:

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