Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Milwaukee Returns from Hawkeye

Milwaukee Dancers @ Saturday Evening Dance

Milwaukee-are swing dancers, traveling in 8 carpools, headed out to invade Iowa this past April 13th.  Hawkeye Swing Festival was the destination, and the event played host to 20 dancers from the Milwaukee-area swing dance scene. Oh, yeah and 300 or so other dancers from around the country.

 It's a rarity for a large number of Milwaukee-area dancers to attend one event outside the state so it

 cannot be understated how impressive a showing 20 dancers was.  I for one am extremely proud of the turnout.

Jazz Hands!

The event, in its 7th year, featured dances, workshops, competitions, and an array of all-star jazz musicians from around the country.  Milwaukee pride was shown during classes on Saturday, as many dancers chose to wear Milwaukee related/inspired T-Shirts.  Even better, Trevor Williams and Tory Bahe won a spot in the Strictly Lindy Open Division Finals! What a fantastic way to show the country that we got some dancers in Milwaukee! (Check out the video below)

If you've never been to a weekend long Lindy Hop event, it's an incredible way to improve your dance skills, meet dancers from all corners and walks of life, fall in love with new music, and of course, have the time of your life. I think I can speak for all 20 who went to Hawkeye when I say: "Fantastic times had by all!"

The weekend is also challenging in that it features 15 hours of dancing and 2 full days of workshops.  Even the fittest among us came home sore.  Sleep is an endangered species.

And the music, oh the music.  Hawkeye brought not just a few well known bands (Solomon Douglas, The Careless Lovers), but also an all star cast of musicians such as Bria Skonberg, Freddie Dickinson, and Chase Garrett. 

In then end, Milwaukee represented Milwaukee at a large swing dance event and I believe a lot of dancers went home to their corner of the swing world remembering their dances with the folks in this corner of the swing world.

Let's see if we can invade other cities, other events in the near future.  Let us know if you'd like to join us!

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