Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Milwaukee heads to Iowa

This weekend, April 13-15th, the University of Iowa Swing Dance Club is hosting the 7th annual Hawkeye Swing Festival. About 20 Milwaukee dancers will be trucking down to Iowa City for a weekend of workshops, dancing and making new friends. Never before has such a large group of Milwaukee swing dancers gone to an out of town event. We are excited about what we’ll learn, and what we can bring back to enhance Milwaukee’s Swing Scene.
This group of dancers represents a wide range of skill levels and experiences. For some, this is the first national event they have attended, and for others, a chance to return to Iowa for some awesome dancing.
I’ve been to Hawkeye once before, but it was years ago. In college, a group from my swing dance club attended the 2008 Hawkeye Swing Festival. I remember being awed by the team competitions. My favorite that year were the winners, the Flying Lindy Hawks.
Other highlights I remember were a jam circle class that put me out of my comfort zone, but healed a ton of my stage fright (as well as gave lots of material that we’ve used in BCH classes), and learning some of the aerials of the California Routine with Joe and Nelle DeMers. Yay for frog jumps, the pancake, and the kip!
We hope that this weekend will create amazing new memories, and be filled with lots of learning and kick butt social dancing!

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  1. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to a fun-filled but exhausting weekend.