Monday, April 23, 2012

MAM After Dark

I love the Milwaukee Art Museum's MAM After Dark series; it's generally a great chance to try out something that my not have been on my radar, and it's also just fun to go out to such a unique place on a Friday night.  This month's Swing event was perhaps that chance to test out a new skill for some folks in the crowd; judging by the amount of fun people seemed to be having, I hope it's not the only time they give swing a chance!  
Michelle DuVall, Doug Brown and their band played swinging music at a variety of tempos and kept the cavernous room of people dancing all night long.  The energy of the crowd, great music, the gorgeous vintage-inspired outfits and updos, and the architecture and ambiance of the venue seemed to combine to produce a buzz that put a smile on everyone's face and a triple in everyone's step.  
Thanks to MAM for hosting such a great event, to Cream City Swing for teaching a beginner lesson in a challenging situation and for manning (womaning?) the table all night to get the word out about swing dancing in Milwaukee.  Thanks to Dave Klemmens for spinning great music between the band's sets and to Henry Boeh for taking all these great photos.  Thanks to everyone--experienced dancers and those testing it out for the first or second time--for a great evening.  

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