Thursday, April 26, 2012

Frankie Manning (May 26, 1914-April 27, 2009)

April 27 marks three years since Frankie Manning's passing.  He was creative and energetic as a young dancer at the Savoy, and remains an inspiring and influential figure as swing dancing continues today.  

I'll certainly never forget the dance I was lucky enough to have with him several years ago.  I was nervous enough to even be chatting with Frankie; when he asked me to dance, I was initially terrified I'd step on his feet or forget how to follow or move my own feet or....well, any number of possible nightmares.  I never got around to creating an exhaustive list though, because he just made it so easy to dance with him.  Frankie grinned ear to ear as he swung me out and generally put me at ease.  Ambassador of Lindy Hop indeed.  We shared a short but truly lovely dance, and it's one of the moments in my life I'll never forget.  Thanks again, Frankie.

If you've never seen this clip from Hellzapoppin', today's a great day to watch it. 

So you've seen it a million times?  Understood.  But have you seen Clayzapoppin'?  :)

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