Friday, April 27, 2012

Fifth Monday

Fifth Mondays happen more than blue moons, but we at Brew City Hops think they're rare enough to warrant a celebration.  Get ready to kick up your heels with us this Monday, April 30th! We've got a special lineup planned, and we think there's something for everyone this week.

7:00--Lindy Hop Basics class
     This is your chance to lay down the foundation for a tricky dance from the ground up, a chance to strengthen your basics so you have more to play with, and a chance to meet and dance with new folks.  No experience necessary.  Bring your friends who have been meaning to try out dancing, or bring yourself and give it a shot.

8:15--Mini-DJ Battle
   Our MAYDAY! dance will be a DJ battle.  Representing Milwaukee that evening will be......well, that's your call!  Justin & Tory will be spinning music for social dancing after the class; vote for the tracks that inspire your best dances and the songs you just can't sit still to.

7:00-9:00--Screen printing
   BYOTshirt, or whatever you'd like to have BCH'ed.  Rather than printing a bunch of shirts in the wrong size (or a color you hate), we invite you to bring a shirt you love and screen print it yourself.  You get a chance to be creative on the dance floor and crafty with paint all in the same event.  Win.

After class--The fun continues
   Chat with new and old friends over pizza, ice cream, beer, chicken strips, and whatever else you can find on Pizza Shuttle's menu.

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