Friday, March 2, 2012

Theme and Variations: BCH's March classes

Brew City Hop's Monday night classes for the month of March will focus on Lindy Hop and musicality.  Tory and Henry are excited to be back teaching Lindy Hop after a few months of Charleston and Collegiate Shag, but don't think they'll let you get by with super slow tempos!  See below for brief descriptions of this month's lesson plans:

March 5--Theme and Variations
  We'll start at the very beginning (a very good place to start): with swing out mechanics to make sure your lead and follow are spot on, and throw in fun variations to make your swing outs really pop.

March 12--Fast (without the Furious)
  When the tempos creep upward, you can always Charleston or Shag...or you can rock fast swing outs and Lindy Hop.  Instead of 0-60 in 6 seconds, let's shoot for 120-200 in 2 hours (if you sub 'beats per minute' for 'miles per hour,' that is). 

March 19--Break It Down
  Some dancers aren't quite sure when a break in the music is approaching; others feel it coming and freeze when the music does but are looking for more options.  This class is for both of those groups...and everyone who's looking for ways to be connected to the music.
March 26--Music, Music, Music
  We've got more options in the hopper than will fit in March; stay tuned for more details on this month's final class.

Remember that we've redesigned our class cards--your options are:
$24 for a March class card
$70 for a 10-punch card good for BCH classes in any month
$8 per class  ($5 per class with a student id)

Get ready to swing out fast and hit the breaks hard! 

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