Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brew Haus Bummer--Share your favorite BVBH stories

Opening night @ the BVBH
Cream City Swing has been sponsoring Thursday Night Swing at the Bay View Brew Haus for two and a half years, so it was quite a shock to hear that the Brew Haus is becoming the Down and Over.  The last planned night of swing dancing at this great venue is tomorrow nigh-don't miss out!  There will be dj'ed dancing from 9 until at least 11, and the event is BYOB (short for Bring Your Own Brandy Old-Fashioned, I'm sure).

Codi is--of course--a trucker, while Steve is looking lovely as Flo (the truck stop waitress)
I've met many great friends, had many fun dances, and admit to many pints poured by Steve and Codi.  I'll look back on nights at the BVBH fondly, and I look forward to whatever CCSwing has in store for the future.  Thanks to Andrea and the gang for all you do for swing dancing in Milwaukee.

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