Thursday, March 1, 2012

2012 Lindy Bomb #1: Milwaukee Public Market

Still on a "Lindy High" after taping the Project Q routine, some of us continued on to the Milwaukee Public Market.  We had some tasty snacks--I can't think of another place in town can where you get fried cheese curds, falafel & papadam, a salad, a bottle of champagne, and a half pound of chocolate truffle seconds(!)--and were still in the mood to dance when we'd finished.



We had portable music playing capabilities with us from the Project Q taping, so it was easy to play and dance to a handful of songs before heading home for the day.



Interested in joining a future Lindy Bomb?  Where do you think it should happen?


  1. hey, I took some of those pictures! Hooray hooray!

    HECK YES for future Lindy Bombs! I say we do them wherever we can go!

    I like exclamation marks!

  2. Oh I really wish I didn't have plans so that I could have been a part of the Lindy Bombs! Just set time and date and we can just go around town doing it all over, especially when it gets warmer!

    I <3 EXCLAMATION MARKS as well! ;)

  3. And sushi! Yum.

    Thanks to Char and Kirsten for their photographic awesomeness. (And dancing awesomeness.) (And general awesomeness.)