Monday, February 13, 2012

Mardi Gras in Milwaukee: Live music and dancing coming up

Yes, Mardi Gras is in full swing and Fat Tuesday is coming up in just over a week, but what does that have to do with Lindy Hoppers in Milwaukee?

Plenty!  Just as many folks don green clothes and find other means to celebrate (some semblance of) Irish culture on March 17th, the music and culture of New Orleans seems to come to the forefront here and everywhere during Mardi Gras.  Since NOLA is seen as the 'birthplace of jazz' and continues to be a hub for great jazz musicians, music from there is some of my favorite to dance to.

During the next couple weeks, there will be more opportunities to NOLA-style music right here--please add to this list if you know of more potential places to hear and perhaps dance to live music.

Friday, February 17
     Art After Dark @ the Milwaukee Art Museum
      (Not live music, djed by Marcus Doucette) 
 Have you seen the weekly Mardi Gras Moments features posted by Marcus Doucette on 88.9's website? For example, see this one on Buddy Bolden (and the ragtime to Dixieland jazz transitions) for some of the history behind the awesome music we dance to.
Sunday, February 19
     Extra Crispy Brass Band @ Hotel Foster

Fat Tuesday--February 21st
     88.9's Mardi Gras Party
     7pm @ Turner Hall
     featuring Mama Digdown's Brass Band and Paul Cebar

     ECBB and Uptown Savages 
     3-6 pm @ Maxie's Southern Comfort

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