Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lindy by the Lake: Taping Project Q in front of the Milwaukee Art Museum

Did you happen to notice a group of dancers by the bridge to the Milwaukee Art Museum on Sunday afternoon?  The sunshine and 40-degree temperature made for a beautiful afternoon by the lake so many people were out enjoying the day; several were surprised (and hopefully delighted) to find the some of the Brew City Hops crew filming a dance routine. We got several questions while we were dancing, and I thought I'd answer many of them here:

Who are you guys?

What are you taping this for?
  • We Lindy for Science!  (That's 'Science' with a capital 'S'.)  :)
  • More seriously: We hope our video will be chosen to be included in Krister Shalm's TEDx Talk on Quantum Physics---see here for more info on Project Q.  That's why we have the "1's" and "0's"; the wind forced us to bring some 'rocks' to hold the paper down while we danced. 
Where can I see the video?
Here's our favorite, but if you check out the BCH YouTube channel you can see other takes and lots more.

You guys are great; where can we see you dance again/where can we learn to dance?
  • We teach lessons every Monday night from 7-9.  February's focus has been on moves from Frankie Manning; March will be Lindy Hop with a focus on musicality and improv (check back for more info later this week).
  • We're throwing a dance at Bucketworks on March 9.  There will be a beginner lesson at 8 and the dancing begins at 9.  See here for more info on the Spring Swing Fling.
  • There's dancing every Tuesday at the Milwaukee Ale House and every Thursday at the Bay View Brew Haus--check them out!
  • We're excited to be back dancing at MAM in April, this time indoors. There will be a more in-depth post on MAM After Dark: Swing as it gets closer.  For now, put Friday, April 20 on your calendars as a date to do some dancing at the Milwaukee Art Museum!


  1. Man, we make this look gooooood!


  3. Check out this Guardian interview with Krister--if nothing else it helps explain how he's going to use the videos in his talk.