Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February is all about Frankie!

February is our Frankie Manning Month!

Each class this month will have a focus on one of the most influential and pioneering swing dancers of them all Frankie Manning!  We’ll be teaching classic Frankie moves and style all month.   Frankie spirit will be soaring this month! 

Also, on our third week (2/20/12), we’ll be teaching the Project Q/TED routine! 

For those interested, this routine will be filmed at a date yet to be announced and submitted online for a project to be presented at this year’s TED conference.  A routine like this one is definitely in the Frankie spirit and contains some classic moves.  Lots of fun!

Don’t forget about our new Monthly pass.  All 4 classes in February for just $24!!!  (Each class, separately is still $8, $5 for students)

Becky and Justin are excited and hope to see you out!

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